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Microcurrent Therapy

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With noticeably dramatic results, microcurrent therapy is often referred to as the ‘5 Minute Face Lift’. While we most often focus on the skin on our face, and working to keep it young and healthy, the fact is that many of the signs of aging we see in our faces are taking place deeper, in the muscles that underly the skin. Unfortunately, we can’t really exercise these muscles in a way that’s beneficial. It’s not like we can take them to the gym and lift weights with them, and most of the muscle movements we use to make facial expressions result in creating lines and wrinkles, not erasing them.

Microcurrent therapy has been around since the 80’s as a treatment for injuries, to restore muscle strength and range of movement in patients too weak to benefit from other forms of physiotherapy. A very small current is passed through the muscles, so small that most patients report feeling nothing at all, but this current stimulates the muscles, causing microcontractions that strengthen the muscle cells.

In the case of the ‘5 Minute Face Lift’, these microcurrent therapy contractions are different from the ones our face muscles naturally make as we speak, blink, laugh, talk and make a wide variety of expressions. By forcing the muscles to work in ways that they are not used to, the muscles strengthen and tighten, forming a firmer base for the overlying skin. In addition, both as a direct result of the electrical stimulation and the microcontractions, blood flow is increased, collagen and elastin production is stimulated, and the muscle cells generate more ATP, the energy source for our muscles.

The resulting improved muscle tone can lift the eyebrows and cheeks, smooth out wrinkles, improve circulation resulting in a healthier glow and aid in lymphatic drainage. What does all this mean? Well, quite literally, a reversal of the aging process. Weak aging muscles are strengthened and begin behaving more like much younger muscles, taking years off your face as microcurrent therapy rebuilds the foundations that support your skin.

For best results, treatments should take place a minimum of twice weekly. Our clinicians will assess your current status and desired results and recommend a personalized treatment plan. Come and experience the dramatic results from microcurrent therapy. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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