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The Science of Rejuvenation

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The platelets in our red blood cells are rich in growth factors but as we age, these concentrations drop. The popular PRP Skin Rejuvenation/Vampire Facial restores youthful concentrations of these growth factors to the skin of your face, resulting in firmer, smoother skin using your own bodies’ natural healing and regenerative powers.

How PRP Skin Rejuvenation/Vampire Facial Works

Platelet Rich Plasma injections, also known as a non-surgical facelift or vampire facial, uses a concentration of your own blood platelets to restore needed nutrients to your skin and sub-dermal tissues. A small amount of your blood is withdrawn and placed in a centrifuge which concentrates the platelets, cells which are rich in growth factors which can stimulate our own bodies’ healing and restoration responses. When injected in to the face using tiny needles, PRP diffuses through the tissues and spreads healthy nutrients, resulting in improved skin tone and color, decreases in fine lines and wrinkles and smoother, more vibrant, youthful skin.

PRP can also reduce the appearance of acne scars by stimulating healing of those areas, even if you’ve had those scars for years.

Optionally combined with some of our facial filler treatments such as Botox, Dysport and Juvederm, MagnifaSkin MedSpa can take years off your appearance. Contact us today, either by phone or by using the contact form below. We’ll provide you with a free and thorough consultation.

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Actual PRP Skin Rejuvenation/Vampire Facial Treatment Performed at MagnifaSkinMedSpa

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