The Science of Rejuvenation


If you’re feeling tired all the time, are depressed or have other persistent negative moods, are suffering from ‘brain fog’, or are getting sick frequently it may be due to a B12 deficiency.

How B12 Injections Work

Vitamin B12 is essential in the production of DNA, and in keeping our nerve and blood cells healthy, but its key role is in converting nutrients to energy in our cells, which is why a deficiency can leave you feeling exhausted and mentally slow.

There is also evidence that healthy levels of this vitamin can prevent cognitive decline as we age putting us at lower risk for dementia, and may help with weight loss and controlling our weight due to keeping our metabolic rate higher.

It’s very easy to short ourselves on B12 in our diets, and certain groups are at higher risk. If you’re vegan or vegetarian (most dietary B12 comes from animal products), over 50, have pernicious anemia, are taking medication for heartburn or are on antibiotics, you are especially susceptible to a deficiency. In addition, expecting and nursing women have higher B12 requirements so a deficiency can be extra challenging for them, leaving their bodies tired just when they need their energy the most.

If any of this sounds like you, we can help. Regular B12 shots at our clinic can boost your energy levels and give you back your zip, clear that brain fog, strengthen your immune system and improve your mood. Most patients need an injection about once per month, however this varies and some people may need them more or less frequently.

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