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Blue Light Therapy

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If you’re suffering from mild to moderate inflammatory acne, this revolutionary treatment may deliver dramatic results. As with red light therapy, blue light therapy uses an invisible wavelength that reaches deep under the skin. Completely UV free, this wavelength kills the bacteria that exacerbates acne. The result is clearer skin, fewer pimples, more rapid healing of existing acne, and a lower risk of acne scarring.

In addition, this therapy can be used to treat mild depression, as your body responds to this wavelength in much the same way as sunlight.

Blue light therapy may also be beneficial for those suffering from liver ailments. It has been used in hospitals for decades to treat jaundiced newborns. The blue light reaches under the skin and neutralizes toxins, taking some of the load off of the liver. It can also kill the bacteria that causes staph infections, which are common in hospitals. If you’ll be visiting a hospital soon, it may be a good idea to book a blue light session immediately after to kill any staphylococcus bacteria you may have come in contact with.

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