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Lash Extensions

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If you weren’t one of the lucky ones born with long, thick lashes don’t despair. We can help.

Eyelash extensions are applied individually to each lash and last until the lash itself falls out and is replaced (which occurs naturally in most people every 6 to 8 weeks). A full lash extension will require approximately two hours to complete. Once done, your new extended lashes will look and feel entirely natural.

No more struggling with false eyelashes or vainly attempting to create the look of full lashes with heavy mascara. A natural look and feel for a more beautiful you.

We provide both Full Volume and Mink Lash Extensions. Scroll down for more information to see which option is right for you.

Mink Extensions

Mink eyelash extensions have been popular for years due to the exceptional way in which they mimic our own natural lashes – even the curl. Of course, at Magnifaskin we don’t use real mink fur as we’re very much against animal cruelty, but instead use faux-mink lashes, which are an artificial imitation indistinguishable from real mink fur.

In fact, faux-mink is even better, as they won’t lose their curl when wet. Real mink extensions become straight and wispy when wet, and often need to be curled back in to shape.

These lashes will give a more natural look, and no one will be able to tell you’ve had them applied. If the look you want is more dramatic, then Full Volume lashes are the better choice.

Application of faux-mink lashes does take longer though, as they are very fine and we need to apply more to get a fuller look.

Full Volume Extensions

Full Volume lashes, also known as Russian lashes, will give your lashes a much fuller and more dramatic look than Mink lash extensions. While they won’t be mistaken for your own natural lashes as with Mink extensions, you’ll find that you’ll have lashes thick and dramatic enough that you may not even need mascara, unless you’ve got a hot date!

Full Volume lash extensions are also highly customizable, so we can tailor the final result to whatever you want. Fans can be small or wide and have anywhere from two to five extension per fan.

This technique is also better for those who have very fine, weak lashes as the application won’t damage your natural lashes in any way.

If you’re ready for some drama in your life, come see us for Full Volume Lash Extensions.