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beautiful lashes with a lash lift or lash perm from magnifaskin in wilmington delaware

Also called a lash perm, our lash lift treatment gives the same effect as curling your lashes, but the effect lasts much longer! If you spend precious minutes every morning, or before a hot date curling your lashes or applying false eyelashes, read on. This treatment will save you time and frustration, while dramatically improving the appearance of your lashes without extensions.

What is a Lash Lift?

Basically, it’s a perm for your eyelashes. We apply a special solution to your lashes that causes them to curl upward. The solution is safe but as with any chemical great care is taken to keep it out of your eyes. You may experience a mild tingling or itching sensation, but other than that your biggest challenge during treatment might be boredom. A treatment takes about an hour, and you will need to keep your eyes closed for the duration.

Customized Results

Want your lashes fanned out more, or lifted higher toward your brows to darken your eye outline? Let us know your goals and we can customize our treatment to match.

lash lift procedure

The procedure takes about an hour. It's completely pain free. Your worst problem might be boredom. Bring an audio book!

Lash Lift Procedure

  • We cleanse and separate your bottom lashes from the top. This makes sure there are no foreign particles or remaining makeup that could block the lash compound.
  • We use a gentle adhesive to adhere a silicone shield to your skin. Adhesive is applied on top of the shield as well, and your lashes will be stuck down in the shape you want to achieve.
  • The perming solution is applied. It needs to sit for 6 to 12 minutes. If you have a hard time perming the hair on your head, please let us know. This is often a good indicator of how long we’ll need to leave the solution on your lashes. Some people may need a second round of solution during the lash lift session.
  • A setting solution will be applied, followed by a nourishing lotion, which contains keratin and sodium PCA. Keratin is the stuff that our lashes and hair are made of and sodium PCA, despite it’s nasty sounding name, is a natural component of our skin and one of our body’s natural moisturizers. The lotion contains other good stuff as well, such as grapeseed oil and aloe vera (be sure to let us know if you’re allergic to anything).

Just as with a perm, the aftercare solution is essential for protecting the lashes from damage resulting form the perm solution.

How Long Does it Last?

Now for the really good news! Unlike curling your lashes, which at best will last for the day, a lash lift treatment will last until the treated lashes fall out. For most of us, we lose our lashes and grow new ones about every 3 months. Of course, not all of our lashes fall out at once, and unless you’ve been meticulously tracking your period of new lash growth (why!?) there’s no way to know where your lashes are in the cycle. In a practical sense, this means you should expect the effects of the treatment to last from one to three months.

While most of us can safely have a lash lift every two months, we may recommend a longer period between treatments for some patients to avoid damaging the lashes. Just as perming your hair can cause it to dry out and become brittle, a lash perm can have the same effect.

Post Treatment Care

Don’t get your lashes wet for 24 hours after the treatment. This means no swimming, keep your face out of the water when you shower and be careful to avoid your eyes when washing your face. And no crying either! A great excuse to get your Significant Other to be extra nice to you. After 24 hours, a lash lift is maintenance-free!

dramatic natural lashes with a lash lift

At MagnifaSkin, we have many options to enhance your lashes, from a lash lift, to extensions to Latisse!

Lash Lift, or Extensions?

While we offer both classic mink and full volume lash extensions, for some these treatments are not the best option. Ironically, it’s those who most lack volume and length in their natural lashes who are usually most susceptible to suffering lash damage from extensions. If this is you, you may be very pleasantly surprised to find that a lash lift will give your lashes a dramatically fuller appearance without the damage that can come from extensions.

Of course, if you do get good results from extensions we’re happy to provide those as well. We also offer Latisse, for those looking for a permanent solution to short and thin lashes.