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men hair removal

More and more the smooth, hairless look is becoming desired for men in our culture. But what if your genes determined that you'll have hair on areas of your body where you would rather not? Until laser hair removal, the only options were shaving or waxing, and even that wasn't an option for many men with very coarse or thick body hair.

Laser hair removal provides a relatively painless and permanent solution to unwanted body hair.

Laser Hair Removal for Men Treatment

Most of us have unwanted hair somewhere on our body. Laser hair removal with our Aerolase LIghtpod Neo Laser can reduce or remove unwanted hair permanently almost anywhere on your body except around the eyes. A new generation of hair removal laser, The Aerolase Lightpod Neo uses extremely brief high energy light pulses to destroy the hair follicle. If you’ve previously been unable to have laser hair removal due to very light or sensitive skin, you can likely be successfully treated with the Aerolase.

Also, due to the very short duration of the light pulse and the fact that the Aerolase doesn’t require direct contact, no cooling gels are required and post-treatment skin irritation is usually kept to a minimum. Intense light from the laser hair removal system is diffuse at the surface, so there’ll be no damage to your skin, but concentrated just below the surface where the follicle lives.

Voted the number 1 hair removal laser by readers of Dermascope magazine in 2015, 2016 and 2017.

All skin types will enjoy significant hair reduction in the treated area with successive short duration treatments, as well as a minimum of recovery time.

Common Treatment areas include, but are not limited to:

Back Hands Legs
Buttocks Forearm Private Area
Nose Brow Chest


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See below for more information on MagnifaSkin Laser Hair Removal for Men treatment with the revolutionary Aerolase Lightpod Neo.

Laser Hair Removal for Men Treatment with the Aerolase LightPod Neo

All laser treatments at MagnifaSkin MedSpa are delivered with the revolutionary new Aerolase® LightPod Neo® medical laser. Delivering light pulses 30 – 50 times faster than other lasers, the Neo provides virtually pain free treatment. In fact many patients report feeling nothing at all other than a slight warming sensation. Other lasers, which deliver higher energy pulses of light at much longer intervals, result in the sensation of having a rubber band snapped against your skin. This is due to the large amount of energy being delivered with each pulse. Because the Neo reduces the amount of energy delivered with each pulse while greatly increasing the number of pulses, energy delivery is ‘smoothed out’, resulting in little or no sensation for your sensitive skin.

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Actual patients treated for Laser Hair Removal for Men with the Aerolase Laser.

Laser Hair Removal for Men: Actual Treatment Video

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