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MagnifaSkin Men

Spas and skin treatments are only for women!? Nonsense. Recent statistics show that across all age categories, almost 25% of men have a daily skin care regimen, and men are a significant and ever-growing percentage of spa clients. Whether you're looking for hair loss treatments, getting rid of stubborn chin fat, or any of a number of treatments to enhance your appearance for business or personal reasons, MagnifaSkin Spa for Men can help. We welcome men of all ages at our clinic, and below you'll find some suggested treatments that men today are finding especially helpful in improving appearance and self-confidence.

MagnifaSkin Spa for Men - Treatment Options

Click on any of the links below to find out more about these suggested treatments. Don't let the photos of women on some of these pages fool you. All of these treatments are effective for men too!


Contrary to popular belief, Botox injections won’t rob you of the ability to make normal facial expressions. Not a filler, but rather a nerve blocker, Botox, also known as onabotulinum-toxinA, is administered via tiny injections which simply relax the small muscles that cause wrinkles, and, as an added bonus, help to prevent new wrinkles, keeping you looking youthful longer.


Fat under our chin, or ‘double chin’, which can cause us to look heavier than we are, can be a frustrating area to address. Even for those of us who exercise and eat healthy, we may find that this stubborn area of chin fat simply won’t go away. Kybella may be the solution you’ve been looking for.


If your hair is thinning, we can help. Platelet Rich Plasma (or PRP) is a process where we draw a small amount of blood from your own body, concentrate the red blood cells which are responsible for nourishing hair roots, then re-inject this solution in to your scalp, where it can reactivate dormant hair follicles.


While you might not look like this guy, you can still join the growing number of men who are opting for permanent body hair removal. Everything from back and chest hair, to unwanted facial hair - MagnifaSkin laser hair removal can give you the smooth hairless skin you (or your significant other) desire.


Whether you're a young man with some residual acne, a mature man whose skin might be starting to look a little tired, or just feel that getting a cleaner, healthier look to your face would be beneficial in your career or personal life, a MagnifaMan Facial will clean your skin, remove dead surface cells and give you a better more vibrant look.