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Welcome to the Rejuvenation Club. Here we regularly post new information on the latest news in skin care and rejuvenation technologies and treatments. Posts include everything from tips and tricks you can use at home to professional procedures. At MagnifaSkin, we truly want to help you look and feel your best, so please check back regularly for new posts.

Venus Freeze

First, don’t let the name mislead you. There is no actual freezing involved in a Venus Freeze treatment. The name comes from the treatment’s effect, which is to ‘freeze’ the effects of time, weather and age on your skin. It does this with no chemicals, needles or pain! Our skin wrinkles and sags as we…

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Varicose Veins & Sclerotherapy

You don’t need me to tell you what varicose veins are. You know if you have them and if you’re lucky, they’re just unsightly. If you’re not so lucky, they are also tender and may be causing swelling in your legs and feet. But why do we get them, what are they, and how do…

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Dysport – The Botox Alternative

As we age, all of us develop lines and wrinkles. These lines and wrinkles make us look older – usually older than we feel. Fortunately there are effective, non-invasive treatments that can erase these lines and restore lost years in only a few minutes. There’s absolutely no need to look older than we feel. Dysport…

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Laser Hair Removal

Almost all of us have unwanted hair somewhere on our face or body. We shave and wax, put up with razor burn, cuts and nicks and the shocking sensation of having whole patches of hair ripped out at once. Of course it gets worse if the hair is in a, ahem, ‘delicate’ area. Then there’s…

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Microblading: The Brows You Wish You’d Been Born With

Our brows draw attention to our eyes, which for many of us are our best feature. While some of us were gifted with beautiful brows many of us wish for fuller brows, or a different shape. The millions spent every year on eyebrow pencils is irrefutable evidence that most of us would change our eyebrows…

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Does IV Vitamin Therapy Work?

Is your skin seeming to age faster than it should? Do you get sick frequently? Feeling stressed? Taking far too long to recover your energy after that intense workout? All of these conditions and more could be the result of a deficiency of key vitamins and nutrients in your body. IV vitamin therapy, or iv…

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