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Welcome to the Rejuvenation Club. Here we regularly post new information on the latest news in skin care and rejuvenation technologies and treatments. Posts include everything from tips and tricks you can use at home to professional procedures. At MagnifaSkin, we truly want to help you look and feel your best, so please check back regularly for new posts.

Does IV Vitamin Therapy Work?

Is your skin seeming to age faster than it should? Do you get sick frequently? Feeling stressed? Taking far too long to recover your energy after that intense workout? All of these conditions and more could be the result of a deficiency of key vitamins and nutrients in your body. IV vitamin therapy, or iv…

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retinol banner showing woman with smooth skin and retinol molecule

Retinol and Tretinoin Demystified

In the constant battle to keep our skin younger longer, we humans have used some pretty weird stuff over the centuries. Some of the stranger ones have included crocodile dung and (Yikes!) lead powder. Fortunately, modern science has discovered compounds that actually work. And you won’t have to wrestle a crocodile to get them. Two…

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We provide doctor-administered botox treatments at our Wilmington, Delaware medical spa.

Botox: Erase Years in a Single Treatment

The last two decades have seen many new tools for fighting the effects of aging. One of the first of these, and still the most popular is Botox. There are over 6 million Botox treatments administered every year! Produced by Allergan, Botox was approved for medical use in the late ’80s for conditions like uncontrolled…

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Alopecia: Hair Growth with PRP Therapy

The medical definition of alopecia is uncharacteristically simple and understandable: “the partial or complete absence of hair from areas of the body where it normally grows; baldness”. While most of us would be quite happy to see alopecia taking effect on certain areas of our body, the one area where we definitely don’t want to…

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dermal fillers; injectable fillers; restlyane, juvederm, revanesse

5 Minutes to Understanding Dermal Fillers and Lip Fillers

Dermal fillers (also called face fillers and lip fillers) have been around for much longer than you might think. As early as the late 1800’s surgeries were available which transplanted fat from one area of the body to another to act as a filler. When you realize that a lot of those surgeries were done…

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woman showing area under chin that can be treated with kybella for spot fat reduction

Permanent Chin Fat Reduction with Kybella

One of the most common concerns that both women and men have about their appearance is chin fat, or what doctors call submental fullness. For some of us, it’s caused by weight gain as we age, but for others this ugly deposit of fat under our chin is genetic. Whatever the cause, most of us…

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