What, How And Why Cellulite Treatments Work

80-90 percent of women will start developing cellulite at one point in their lives, most commonly during puberty. It’s probably the biggest beauty-related problem for women on top of wrinkles and stretch marks. 

Through the years, numerous methods have been developed by different pharmaceutical companies and dermatology experts that aim to eliminate or lessen the appearance of cellulite. These treatments include topical creams, anti-cellulite massages, laser, non-laser treatments, surgeries and QWO, the first injection for cellulite..

But, that’s just part of the story… 

The scramble for a long-term solution for cellulite has been going on for years. Of course, with such an ambitious feat, competition and loads of profit, there will unfortunately be treatments with marvelous claims backed by overblown research. 

It’s true. 

Believe it or not, with the stubbornness of cellulite, it’s no surprise that a lot of women have spent their hard earned dollars without the benefit of great results.

FDA Approved Treatments are the way to go

Thankfully, the search for the “holy grail” of cellulite treatment has not failed to produce notable treatments that a lot of women are enjoying today. These FDA-approved treatments are backed by years of research. 

So let’s get to it!

Your desired summer body is definitely not beyond reach. Before you throw in the towel and completely lose hope…

Let’s talk about the cellulite treatments that actually work and why you should check them out!

Laser-based treatments, mechanical treatments involving subcision, vacuum-assisted treatments and wave therapies are the known and trusted methods in treating cellulite today that can guarantee long-lasting results. They’re backed by years of research and clinical trials.  

Meet QWO, the latest in cellulite treatment

Finally, in July of 2020, ENDO International announced the approval of QWO by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). it is the much anticipated arrival of a game-changing solution to cellulite in the form of an injectable — least invasive procedure. 

QWO has undergone clinical trials and it works! 

It’s not some pseudoscience or some magical cream. It’s been tried and tested on 1800 women making its clinical study the largest among other cellulite treatments.

“The data, from the largest cellulite studies ever conducted, provides further evidence that QWO may be an effective treatment for women with a variety of skin types who dislike the dimples on their buttoks,” said Joely Kaufman-Janette, MD, the principal investigator and board-certified dermatologist at Skin Associates of South Florida.

The announcement of the new injectable has definitely made a huge impact and has made a lot of women excited to try it out. It has even been regarded as a game-changer in cellulite treatment.


Why do these treatments work?

They address the root cause of the problem

Unlike skin-firming creams, rollers, detoxification consumables, and other cellulite fads that only “attempt” to solve the issue from the surface (epidermis), these treatments tackle the deeper problem head on. 

They target the fibrous septae or the collagen-rich bands under the visible layer of the skin (dermis). Once these bands are broken up, the tension that was once pulling down on the skin which was causing dimpling is released. 

Short treatment sessions and side effects

Similar to the newest cellulite treatment, QWO, all these methods are accomplished within a number of short treatment sessions.

In the case of QWO, it only takes 3 visits to MagnifaSkin Medspa and some time for recovery, then you’re set. The most common side effect of the treatment is bruising limited to the treatment area.  

This is the perfect time of year to start your QWO series of treatments. QWO is a three treatment series spaced four weeks apart. For most QWO patients, any bruising will subside and dissipate within 7-21 days.

Results are long lasting

Treatment Results last for
Cellulaze (Laser treatment) At least 1 year 
Cellfina (Subcision) At least 2 years
Vacuum-assisted treatments At least 3 years
QWO (Injectable) | newest treatment  Permanent


Because the enzymes in Qwo break down the collagen that causes skin dimpling, the results of the treatment are likely permanent. With a healthy diet and lifestyle, you can enjoy long lasting results!

Carried out by professionals

These treatments are available at MagnifaSkin Medspa and are performed by our professional and caring team of medical providers.

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