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men hair restoration

Is your hair thinning? Worried you’ll end up bald or needing a hairpiece? Worry no more. PRP hair treatments for men can bring dormant follicles back to life, restoring your full head of hair and filling back in those thinning spots.

How PRP Hair Treatments for Men Work

Known medically as alopecia, hair loss can affect both men and women. As we age, circulation to the hair follicles drops off. Some of these follicles respond by going ‘dormant’. This is actually good news, as it means the follicle isn’t dead, just waiting for the nutrients it needs to grow new hair.

PRP hair treatments for men, the latest in hair restoration, can restore lost hair.

PRP, or Platelet Rich Plasma hair restoration uses your own bodies’ cells to stimulate new hair growth, either in dormant hair follicles or newly transplanted ones. A small amount of blood is drawn from your body and placed in a centrifuge, which separates out the platelets. These platelets (and some plasma) are then re-injected into the hair loss areas. PRP is rich in growth factors which can stimulate our own bodies’ healing and restoration responses, resulting in new hair growth. While results can’t be guaranteed for everyone, many people see an increase in hair density approximately 4 months after the first treatment. Treatments are generally done twice per year and can result in significant hair regrowth in some patients.

PRP hair treatments for men can be a solution for those who have either tried other forms of hair restoration or who don’t wish to endure surgery.

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