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There are multiple causes that can impact hair growth besides genetics, including hormones, stress, lifestyle, metabolism, nutrition, DHT levels, diet, environmental toxins and aging. Nutrafol supplements are the top dermatologist-recommended brand of hair growth supplements, and for a good reason. Nutrafol combines science and nature to create a unique, multi-faceted approach to promoting thicker, stronger hair, and with daily use, results may be seen in as little as three to six months.

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Dr. Tony Cucazzella of Delaware Hair Restoration recommends Nutrafol supplements to patients looking for a more natural alternative to treating hair loss. Nutrafol uses powerful, plant-based nutrients to target the root causes of hair loss from within. There are five supplements, including Nutrafol for Men, DHT Inhibitor, Nutrafol for Women, Women’s Vegan, Women’s Balance and Womens’ Postpartum, plus Nutrafol Hair Serum for Men. Each product was created using the power of nature to treat the differing causes of hair loss.

As a 100% drug-free supplement, Nutrafol is a powerful, all natural, safe way to treat early hair thinning as well as to maintain recent hair transplants. The medical-grade botanicals in Nutrafol are used to treat damaged hair and rebuild the structural integrity of hair follicles naturally. Call Delaware Hair Restoration today to find out if Nutrafol will work for you.