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Clinical Spa Therapies

Feeling depressed, tired and run down? Suffering from mild to moderate inflammatory acne. Want the benefits of a face lift without surgery or fillers? At MagnifaSkin we offer a range of clinical spa treatments that can lift your mood, restore your energy, and greatly reduce acne. In addition, we offer the famous '5 Minute Face Lift', or MicroCurrent Therapy that can literally reverse the aging process in your skin, restoring facial muscle tone resulting in smoother, fuller skin.


Our Clinical Spa Treatments


If you’re suffering from mild to moderate inflammatory acne, blue light therapy may deliver dramatic results. As with red light therapy, blue light therapy uses an invisible wavelength that reaches deep under the skin. Completely UV free, this wavelength kills the bacteria that exacerbates acne. The result is clearer skin, fewer pimples, more rapid healing of existing acne, and a lower risk of acne scarring.


Sunlight damages our skin because of ultraviolet rays. This is light which occurs beyond the end of the visible spectrum. It reaches deep in to our skin and causes damage, which not only ages our skin but can eventually result in cancer. Red Light Therapy also sends light rays deep in to our skin, but from the opposite end of the light spectrum, the infrared wavelength.


With noticeably dramatic results, microcurrent therapy is often referred to as the ‘5 Minute Face Lift’. While we most often focus on the skin on our face, and working to keep it young and healthy, the fact is that many of the signs of aging we see in our faces are taking place deeper, in the muscles that underly the skin. Unfortunately, we can’t really exercise these muscles in a way that’s beneficial.


Cell hydration is essential for good health and overall wellness. If the cells in our bodies don’t have sufficient water, they can’t perform their tasks, and the body suffers. In addition, water carries nutrients to the cells. Without these nutrients we suffer low energy, loss of concentration, are more susceptible to the effects of stress, and worst of all, our immune system will be weakened.