The Science of Rejuvenation

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Hyaluronic acid. Sounds scary? Not really. Hyaluronic acid is just the fancy medical term for a sugar compound that occurs naturally in our bodies, and which is responsible for maintaining facial fullness and elasticity in our skin by binding to water like a sponge, absorbing up to 1,000 times its weight in water. Over time though, as we age, our bodies produce less of this important compound.

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How Revanesse Versa Works

Revanesse Versa

Revanesse Versa is a new generation of dermal filler. Produced in intentionally small batches by Prollenium Medical Technologies to ensure quality control, Versa has been available in Canada since 2012. Revanesse gained US FDA approval in December of 2017 and has been growing in popularity since.

Revanesse Versa is a hyaluronic acid filler, the same active ingredient in Juvederm and Restylane. However, Versa uses a unique cross-linked HA formula to produce a filler with superior qualities. RV injects more easily, produces a more natural result, is easier to shape and lasts longer than the competition.

Revanesse vs. Juvederm

Under a microscope, Revanesse particles are noticeably smoother and rounder than Juvederm. It’s because of this that the particles will slide over and around each other easier. This translates to a smoother, more natural final appearance. It also means greater ease of shaping the injection, giving our clinicians greater control.

revanesse vs juvederm under a microcsope

Image courtesy of Prollenium Medical Technologies Inc.

Production and Testing

Prollenium, based in Toronto, Canada is known for their obsession with quality control. As with all fillers their products are biodegradable with a very low risk of allergic reaction. In addition, RV is produced in small batches where all ingredients can be assured of being top quality. Prollenium even visually inspects every syringe produced for any sign of contaminants.


RV can be used to treat a wide variety of areas effectively. It acts a natural-looking filler for frown lines, forehead creases, nasolabial folds (the creases from the edge of the nose to the corners of the mouth), perioral lines (wrinkles around the mouth) and marionette lines (lines from the corners of the mouth to the chin).

In addition, it can plump lips, add volume and shape to cheekbones, redefine nose lines, contour the jaw and chin and remove bags and wrinkles under the eyes.

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Downtime and Side Effects

As with all hyaluronic acid fillers, Revanesse Versa has few side effects. Patients may experience some slight redness, bruising and swelling however in most cases should clear up within a few days.

Who Should Not Use Versa


  • Who are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Under the age of 18
  • With multiple severe allergies
  • With acne and/or other inflammatory diseases of the skin
  • In conjunction with a laser, intense pulsed light, chemical peeling or dermabrasion treatments
  • With sensitivity to hyaluronic acid or Lidocaine
  • Who develop excessive scarring

Free Consultation

As with all of our treatments we provide free, professional consultations. Come see us and find out what Revanesse Versa can do for you.


Other Fillers Available from MagnifaSkin MedSpa


Best for deep wrinkles and adding volume

Juvederm is smoother than Restylane, but this doesn’t mean better. While the smoother consistency of Juvederm means that it is less likely to leave small bumps after treatment (these will fade and smooth out in time) this also means that Juvederm is more likely to ‘bleed’ in to areas around the treatment area, with undesirable results. Juvederm is, for instance, ideal for filling lines and wrinkles, but if used in the hollows under the eyes can easily travel to the top of the cheeks, creating an undesirable puffiness. For this application, Restylane would be the better choice.


Best for fine lines, moderate folds and lips

Hyaluronic acid is the active ingredient in Restylane and the Restylane family of injectable gel fillers which restore a more natural, youthful appearance by smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles, smoothing skin, and even subtly enhancing lips and cheeks by replacing the lost hyaluronic acid which occurs naturally in our bodies.

Restylane treatments look so natural only you will know, but you’ll look better (and feel better about your appearance!) right away. Restylane treatments last 3 to 6 months, between 3 and 4 months for lips, and up to 12 months for Defyne and Refyne.