The Science of Rejuvenation

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Scar Removal

while complete scar removal is not always possible, whether you have scars from surgery, an accident or acne, our MagnifaSkin clinicians can greatly reduce the appearance of these scars and give you back your confidence. In some cases, complete scar removal can be achieved. Contact us today for a free professional consultation.


Our Scar Revision Procedures


While severe acne scarring should be treated with ablative laser therapy, mild to moderate acne scars can be greatly improved or even erased with far less traumatic Non-Ablative laser treatments. By stimulating collagen production beneath the surface, the skin is stimulated to regenerate itself, resulting in healing and fading of these scars, even if the scars themselves have been there for years.


While it seems counterintuitive to treat damaged tissue (scar tissue) by causing further damage, that’s exactly how laser therapy works. By causing minor trauma to the underlying tissues with laser generated heat, the body is stimulated to repair the damaged tissue with new tissue, and as a result to generate new collagen and elastin. The result is new, healthier and more normal looking tissue.