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10% off All Sunscreen Products

Not only do we care about repairing your skin from sun damage, we care about protecting your precious skin. MagnifaSkin Medspa carries Skin Medica and ZO Skin Health sunscreens. Stop in the Medspa to purchase and claim your discount!


$99 Lash Lift with Free Lash Tint

Maintenance-free lashes that look fuller for up to 6 weeks for just $99. No more curling or even the need for false lashes. You’ll be amazed at how much volume you’ll gain. And we’ll include a free lash tint with your lift.


Anti-Acne Laser and Facial Package for $299

MagnifaSkin’s Laser Acne Treatment works to kill the p. acnes bacteria which is commonly a cause of breakouts. Combine that with an Acne Facial and you will be on your way to clearer, healthier skin.

Vitamin B12

Vitamin B-12 Series – Five for $100

That’s a savings of $25! Vitamin B12 plays a crucial role in several bodily functions and adequate levels contribute to improved energy levels, cognitive function, and overall mood.


New Client Special – $10 per unit Botox

Botox is administered via tiny injections which simply relax the small muscles that cause wrinkles, and, as an added bonus, help to prevent new wrinkles, keeping you looking youthful longer.


Sculptra Lift – 2 vials for $1399

Sculptra mini lift or ponytail lift involves injecting small amounts of Sculptra into the hairline and on the sides of the face. The procedure can stimulate up to 65% more collagen than other products without adding too much volume, resulting in a lift without a lot of added facial volume.


$75 off Juvederm Voluma

Why look older than you feel?


PRF Hair Restoration Treatment for $650

That’s $300 in savings! PRF (Platelet Rich Fibrin) hair restoration uses your own bodies’ cells to stimulate new hair growth, either in dormant hair follicles or newly transplanted ones.

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