Why Women are Choosing Beauty Treatments over Makeup

It’s summer of 2021 and most women are walking away from that full-glam makeup that we are so familiar with. With a whole year of mask-wearing and video calls under our belts, there has not much necessity for makeup recently. Some of us made the best use of this time by experimenting and playing around with makeup. However, the trend and enthusiasm that once existed in the beauty community and among makeup lovers is no longer the same.

So what is the reason behind this sudden downfall and break up with makeup? Let’s find out in more detail!

The Awareness

There are plenty of flawless models on social platforms, be it Instagram or Tiktok. All of these goddess-like models and influencers have made us believe that just the right technique of applying makeup and doing a few crunches is all we need to look as beautiful and flawless as them. The reality is very far from that. The beauty community and makeup lovers from all around the globe have realized that heavy layers of foundation, concealers and baking are not going to create magic. Neither is working out sufficient on its own to provide you with that dream body.

In a realistic world, makeup wears off, our pores exist, our skin looks cakey when we use full-coverage foundations, we have asymmetrical faces, unwanted facial hair, stubborn fats and the list goes on. So how are the models, celebrities and influencers achieving it all?

We live in a world of camera filters and tremendous video editing apps that can change anyone’s appearance within seconds. Facial features and body shapes can be altered with a few taps. Photoshopping is more undetectable than ever before. There are video apps that can make you look very tall or very skinny with just a click. All of this means that we shouldn’t believe everything we see on social media.

The Shift in Beauty Industry

It’s not that women have completely stopped using makeup or ditched their workout plans. Makeup is now rather used as a meaningful tool to enhance our features on the go while exercise is a crucial way to promote blood circulation in the body.

But to gain beauty that is real and confidence-boosting, women are now more willing to try beauty treatments for actual results. Beauty treatments offer natural and permanent results that can make you feel ready to walk out of the house without makeup or post a picture of yourself without a filter. Imagine waking up looking beautiful!

If you have been looking up to popular models, we know how much you wish to look like them. Models, celebrities and influencers have flaws as we do and that’s a normal human thing. However, beauty treatments can help you achieve the body you want and save time that you spend concealing your little imperfections. The right beauty treatment will make you feel more confident in your skin.

Most Common Beauty Treatments that Models Do

Perfect Facial Features

If you have noticed that most models have fuller cheeks and zero dark circles, the secret is probably not just good makeup. Facial fillers can work wonders and drastically improve one’s appearance. These fillers do not change your facial features, instead, they only enhance and add volume to the features you already have. If you’re willing to get fillers, we offer Juvederm, Restylane, Revance and more that are effective fillers for various facial improvements.

Smooth and Hairless Skin

If you’re not genetically blessed then you probably suffer from unwanted hair on your face or body. This excessive and unwanted hair not only makes us self-conscious but also adds to the time-consuming grooming tasks that women already have. Shaving and waxing on a regular basis can turn out to be a painful experience and lead you to avoid the task altogether. Opting for a permanent solution can save you money, time and effort in the long run. Laser Hair Removal is a non-invasive treatment that effectively destroys the cells where unwanted hair grows and stops it from growing back. The treatment can be performed anywhere in the body except the eyes.

Hourglass Body Shape

Achieving that hourglass figure is not easy and we all know that. For our favorite celebrities, it seems like kale juice, a keto diet and lots of exercises is everything they need to do for a flawless body. Mostly, that may not be the case. We aren’t suggesting that exercise cannot help you get in better shape, it surely does, but even after losing weight, there are stubborn fat chunks in the body that sometimes are not easy to lose. So what should you do for those stubborn fats? CoolSculpting is one of the advanced, pain-free, non-invasive and affordable weight loss treatments for targeted areas of the body. The method allows you to lose excess fat from different parts of your body, including the arms, thighs, stomach, etc. In addition, MagnifaSkin Medspa is one of the only providers in the area that offers an FDA approved injectable treatment for cellulite, Qwo.

Attractive and Fuller Lips

The trend of overdrawing our lips is all over the internet. Several models and influencers suggest that a few combinations of matte, glossy, or tinted lipsticks along with nude lip liners can instantly make our lips look big. It sure does work for pictures and videos, but overdrawn lips don’t look good in person. Also, lip products easily wear off while we eat or drink. Restylane Kysse or other dermal fillers can add the necessary volume to your lips in proportion to your face shape and features. Your lips will look aesthetically pleasing. Juicy and plumpy lips are a symbol of youthfulness which is why it’s always in trend!

Longer, Fuller Lashes

The reason why we love mascara so much is that it not only darkens and adds volume to our lashes but also makes us look more awake and feminine. Beautiful lashes add to the beauty of the eyes. If you have seen Kylie Jenner or any popular models, you may have noticed how their lashes always look on point. That is because almost all models and celebrities opt for lash extensions. However, we barely have time to wear lashes regularly, let alone wait for the lash glue to dry and get sticky. With eyelash extensions, you will wake up looking pretty without any makeup. Check out our two different types of lash extension treatments. Not into lash extensions? Another option is a lash lift and tint. A lash lift curls your lashes for up to six weeks. The lash tint darkens your lashes and picks of on some of those finer hairs. The result is natural looking, fuller lashes.

In a Few Words

Women are turning to cosmetics beauty treatments since realizing that makeup alone cannot help them achieve that celebrity-like look. It’s all about enhancing the features you have already. Investing in beauty treatments now will offer you long term results. Most models, influencers and celebrities choose beauty treatments because they realize that it is the most convenient and time-saving procedure to look beautiful, always. But hey, no one said you can’t be pretty in your own skin!

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