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bodyimage microblading

Unhappy with your natural eyebrows? You are far from alone. The eyebrows are the one facial feature that women are most likely to be dissatisfied with. Whether yours are too sparse, too thin or just the wrong shape, microblading is the answer. No more penciling in fuller brows every morning. Your brows will be picture perfect all the time.

Microblading vs. Tattooing Eyebrows

Unlike the older and very obvious method of tattooing on a large swath of ink to simulate an eyebrow, microblading uses a special, extremely fine tattoo needle to draw on individual, highly realistic hairs. Whether you want to enhance your existing brows or completely redefine them by removing your natural brows and replacing them, this technique will give you the brows you’ve always wanted, and they’ll look so natural only the closest of inspections will reveal the truth. Even from inches away, your brows will look completely natural.

If you’re tired of penciling in full eyebrows every day and want beautiful full brows, regardless of what shape best fits your face, MagnifaSkin MedSpa can help. Contact us today for a free consultation.

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