Appointments Guidelines and Consent Forms

Please take the time to review this entire page and fill in any required forms prior to your visit

The MagnifaSkin Medspa team is very much looking forward to seeing you in our office for your upcoming appointment! We are reaching to let you know that we are following all the guidelines from the office of the Governor. Your safety and the safety of our staff is our utmost priority. To ensure the continued safety of all our patients, we are asking the following:

Before Your Appointment


If you're not feeling so hot, CANCEL -- trust us, we love Botox/Skin Care too, but if you get us sick, we can't help other folks! Please take a moment to fill out a symptom checker form here:


Never Been to Our Office Before?

Please take a moment to fill out the Client Intake Form

Consent Forms

In an effort to streamline your visit, we are inviting you to fill out your paperwork online by clicking the following links:
Beautiful young woman is getting botox injection at clinic. She is sitting and smiling. The doctor is holding syringe near her eyebrows carefully
Chemical Skin-Peeling Consent Form
gift card filler
Dermal Filler Consent Form
beautiful bride after a hydrafacial
Dermaplaning Consent Form
dramatic natural lashes with a lash lift
Eyelash Extensions Consent Form
HydraFacial Consent Form
dermal fillers; injectable fillers; restlyane, juvederm, revanesse
Injectables Consent Form
ipl photofacial
IPL Consent Form
IV Therapy Consent Form
Kybella Consent Form
laser rejuv
Laser Consent Form
Mesotherapy Consent Form
Microdermabrasion Consent Form
Micro-Needling Consent Form
rf microneedling treatment
RF Micro-Needling Consent Form
prp facelift 2
PRP Therapy Consent Form
venus freeze 2
Venus Freeze Consent Form
bodyimage waxing
Waxing Consent Form

Redeem Your Rewards!

Have all Rewards (Brilliant Distinctions or Aspire) activated and have any redemption codes readily available. (Printed helps, but not required!) *** If they're not ready, we can't use them to help save you money!


Day of Your Appointment

  • Please give us a call at 302-505-1000 and let us know when you arrive for your appointment. We will ask you to wait in your car until your Provider is ready for you to come to the treatment room. We will give you a call or a text and let you know when to come in and you'll head straight back to your appointment.
  • Please wear a mask to your appointment. We will all be wearing masks too.
  • Please do not bring guests or children unless they also have an appointment.
  • Patients will be screened at the front door with a thermal contactless thermometer.
  • Take a deep breath and relax, we were going above and beyond CDC sterilization recommendations before Covid-19 and now we've up'd our game!

After Your Visit

  • Take note of any post care instructions your provider has given you.
  • We welcome any feedback about your visit, or the process of getting a service!
  • Wait the recommended time for results, and if something doesn't feel right, give us a call!
  • Tell your friends how awesome we are because each new client you send our way, gets you $20 off your next visit!