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Look flawless with these top 8 skincare tips

We all would love to look flawless as soon as we wake up. While makeup can help you look glamorous and confident easily, at the end of the day you still need to wipe it off. And really, why do we wear makeup in the first place? For most of us, it’s to look like we have flawless skin because if we did, we wouldn’t need makeup. The list of skincare benefits is a long one. With a proper skincare regimen, you’ll need less makeup, saving time and money. Also, skincare does not mean expensive glass bottles. There are various affordable yet effective skincare products on the market for your budget, as well as a wide variety of professional skincare products available from our medspa. Let’s get into the fundamentals of skincare.

Importance of Skincare

You will notice the first signs of aging around your eyes and mouth. Without good skincare and great genetics, you won’t be able to hide the signs of aging indefinitely. The sooner you begin a daily, comprehensive skincare regimen, the longer your skin will stay youthful.

Aging can slow down the cell turnover process in our bodies that leads to dull-looking skin. A good skincare regimen will get rid of the dead skin cells on your skin. Also, skincare will keep acne, pimples, and other skin related problems at bay once you build and follow a proper routine.

Regular skin care can help your skin stay in good condition. As a result, you will look younger and feel more confident.

Before you begin a routine, you’ll need to know your skin type. There are 5 different skin types; Oily, Dry, Normal, Combination, and Sensitive. So choose products that are directed for your specific skin type.

Here’s a guide to the top 8 skincare tips that will help you achieve flawless, glowing skin to the greatest extent your genetics and age will allow. You may not achieve perfection but we can promise that you’ll see visible improvements, sometimes after only a few days.

1. Remember: You Are What You Eat

According to WebMD, some of the most common food we consume such as sweet, dairy, and greasy foods can affect the appearance of our skin. Eating healthy food and maintaining a balanced diet should be your first step towards great skin.

We know you have heard this a lot but drinking plenty of water actually helps. Water restores the hydration of our skin that we lose throughout the day. You may not realize it, but you lose a lot of water through your breath. So even if you’re not sweating or urinating a lot, you’re still losing water.

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Clean skin is of utmost importance in your daily skincare regimen. Dirt not only makes your skin look dull, but clogs your pores.

2. Take Cleaning Seriously

Cleaning your face regularly is advice that should be taken seriously. If you do it twice a day – once in the morning and once in the evening – that’s even better! For cleaning your face, you need a cleanser suitable for your skin type. Cleaning your face with a face wash will remove the dirt, impurities, and oil that clog up your pores.

A popular skin cleaning tip is to double cleanse. Double cleansing helps to remove any unwanted pollutants on your skin more effectively and leaves your skin ready to absorb skincare products. For double cleansing, pour micellar water or a lightweight oil on a cotton pad and gently rub on your skin. Once done, proceed with your face wash.

3. Moisturized Skin = Healthy Skin

It does not matter if your skin is oily. Moisturizing is a must for every skin type. Moisturized skin looks youthful and glowy even without makeup. It helps to slow down the signs of aging. Dry and dehydrated skin tends to break out more often as the pores are not clearing themselves. Moisturizing can prevent your skin from dryness and regulate the natural sebum production of your skin.

Bonus tip: Using moisturizers with hyaluronic acid in them helps to retain the moisture in your skin longer.

4. Don’t Use Too Much

Whatever you use, be it a moisturizer, serum, toner, masks, etc., make sure you only use as much as directed or as required. Applying excessive night cream or serum will not do more for your skin. Often, a pea-sized amount of moisturizer can do the job. Similarly, two to three drops of serum are enough for your skin.

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Be sure not to use more than you need. Similarly, don’t use too little. Using more than necessary won’t have any extra benefit. Use less than recommended and while it might seem like you’re saving money, you’re actually losing money, as the product may not have any effect.

As you build your skincare regimen, keep in mind that some products can react with others. Be sure to read the ingredients and any warnings on the bottle before using, and if you’re still not sure a little online research is a good idea. If others have had reactions, you’ll likely find their stories online.

5. Rejuvenate Your Skin with Face Masks

Among popular skincare methods, using face masks is unique because it can nourish your skin with moisture and leave you feeling refreshed while reducing pore size and increasing firmness. Some masks will also remove impurities from your skin. Sheet masks, clay masks, gel masks, peel-off masks, and cream masks are some of the well-known types of masks available for skincare. You can also wear a sleep mask for overnight skincare and improve your skin while you sleep.

6. Never forget the Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a crucial product in your skincare routine. Not only does it shield your skin from sunburn and tanning, there’s so much more to it. Research shows that people who apply sunscreen regularly get fewer wrinkles and fine lines compared to those who don’t use sunscreen on a regular basis. From dermatologists to skincare experts, everyone emphasizes the importance of sunscreen for the skin. It prevents premature aging and the effects of harmful UV rays on your skin. Be it sunny or cloudy, wear sunscreen every day.

7. Exfoliation: an Essential Part of Skincare

Our skin sheds dead skin cells continuously. Adding regular exfoliation to your skincare routine can dramatically improve your complexion by removing those dead skin cells to reveal the younger, healthier skin underneath, greatly improving your natural glow. It will also reduce acne and blackheads.

There are two types of exfoliation: Mechanical exfoliation and chemical exfoliation. You can choose either, depending on your skin type but be careful while using exfoliators because they can be harsh on your skin. Mechanical exfoliation involves using scrubs or a cleaning facial brush on the skin. While chemical exfoliants include AHAs (alpha-hydroxy acids), BHAs (beta-hydroxy acids), and PHAs (poly-hydroxy acids) that break down the dead skin cells on your skin. Chemical peels applied by our professional beauticians are highly effective and very affordable.

We recommend an exfoliation treatment done by experts to ensure the best and safest results. Our Diamond Microdermabrasion is an effective treatment for clogged pores, uneven pigmentation, melasma, and fine lines. The end result of this treatment will make you fall in love with your skin again.

8. It’s Time to Work out for Good Skin

We all know about the numerous benefits of exercise. Exercise increases your heart rate and improves blood circulation, including circulation to your skin. Apart from burning calories and remaining in shape, working out regularly will definitely give you healthier skin. Exercise increases the oxygen delivery to your skin along with nutrients that are essential for healthy skin.

Exercise also promotes the production of collagen and elastin. These two compounds are responsible for your skin’s youthful firmness and elasticity.

Patience and Consistency are Key

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A daily skincare regimen will pay huge benefits – in time. Remember to be patient and consistent.

Even the best skin care regimen is unlikely to give you overnight results. Healthy skin comes from the inside, so if you haven’t been in the habit of looking after your body and your skin it may take weeks to several months to see results. You need to give your skin some time before expecting to see any changes. In this case, patience is key. But do keep in mind that there are other things that you can consider doing while following your skincare regimen that can improve or speed results.

1. Some mature women still suffer from severe acne and other skin issues due to hormonal imbalances. Our hormones play a vital role in our skin. You should talk to your doctor if you think you may have issues that affect your skin irrespective of lifestyle or skincare changes.

2. Always keep micellar water and cotton pads or makeup wipes beside your bed to avoid sleeping with makeup on. The makeup on your skin can clog your pores overnight and cause breakouts. Never sleep with makeup.

3. Avoid touching your face throughout the day. The germs on your hand can easily transfer to your skin. Along with that, popping your pimples can be tempting but doing so will harm your skin and leave a scar that will take ages to clear up. You can cover them with concealer while you wait for them to clear up naturally.

4. Many people in our society are chronically short on sleep. This habit is not only bad for your skin, it can have a profoundly negative effect on your entire life. Our body repairs and heals itself while we sleep. A long sleep at night will eventually bring out the radiance of your skin through proper rest. In addition, studies show that your mental and physical performance is affected by lack of sleep to the same degree as the effects of alcohol.

5. Learn to layer your skincare products in the right order. For example, always use spot treatment products as the last part of your cleansing routine and moisturize your skin right after exfoliation.


You don’t have to choose between skincare and makeup. You can do both. Skincare may seem like a big time commitment at first but once your regimen becomes a habit, you won’t even notice. And the time you’ll eventually save on covering imperfections with makeup will more than makeup for it. Remember that healthy skin is beautiful skin.

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