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Latest Beauty & Skincare Trends for 2021

At the very beginning of 2020, who knew that we would soon look up videos for a DIY haircut or at-home spa. The world went through an unimaginable change. From real-life meetings to zoom meetings, our lives transformed drastically. For some of us, this meant less use of beauty and skincare products while others experimented and get creative.

We have stepped into a new year with new hopes which calls for a mandatory glow up. Magnifaskin MedSpa is open for business. It’s time to get back to treating yourself well.

Here are the most popular beauty and skincare trends for 2021.


Blue Light – And Not the Good Kind

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Mobile screens emit blue light that can penetrate the skin and harm the skin cells.

The majority of us relied on our smart devices to get work done or to while away the hours during the lockdown. Lack of social gatherings increased the usual time spent interacting with screens, be it TV, laptop, or mobile.

Researchers have found that screens emit blue light known as HEV light. If you regularly expose yourself to high-frequency blue light closely, it can penetrate your skin and cause lasting damage. The harmful light can speed up the aging process, making us prone to premature wrinkles and fine lines. This is a very concerning issue since electronic devices are an integral part of our lives.

We can already predict that “Blue Light Skincare” will be trending throughout 2021. At present, there are many effective products on the market that are specially made for blue light skincare. For starters, you can wear sunscreens that contain iron oxide to protect your skin.

Note that this blue light is of a different frequency than our Blue Light Therapy, which is good for your skin and helps to refresh and rejuvenate.


Maskne Treatments 

Maskne is the acne or pimples caused because of bacteria, sebum, and dirt trapped on your skin due to wearing a mask. Maskne has become a major concern for many women during the pandemic but fortunately, Maskne treatments work effectively for all. You can treat acne at home with medications and chemicals but one of our facials or peels will be much more effective. If you’re suffering from Maskne, you can try the NeoClear by Aerolase laser treatment that targets acne and heals the inflamed skin in no time. You can prevent or reduce maskne by following these 9 ways to prevent face mask skin from the American Academy of Dermatology Association.


Chemical Peels 

Between lockdowns and winter many of us simply haven’t gotten enough sun or simple healthy exposure to the outdoors. Staying at home all day or working late hours can also cause stress, which places a further strain on our body. Layers of dead skin build up over time, especially when we don’t exercise enough or get healthy exposure to sunlight. And let’s face it, for a lot of us our diet hasn’t been that great either. A chemical peel will strip away all of that built-up dead skin and stimulate your body to produce new and health skin. And since peels need to be protected for the first couple of weeks, now is a great time with spring approaching and nicer weather that will have you wanting to get outdoors.


Natural Skin

If you have experienced ‘maskne’ from makeup irritation then this trend is definitely the one for you. “Skinimalism” is a trending term in most social platforms like Instagram and Pinterest. Working from home and wearing a mask every time we go out means that we don’t need to wear heavy foundations or much makeup at all. If anything, we have learned to embrace our natural selves during this period of staying at home. 2021 is the year when you should say yes to natural skin. As soon as you get comfortable in your own skin, there’s no going back!


’80s Vibes 

The ’80s was the era of over-the-top everything including eye makeup but in 2021, we have a great opportunity to experiment and play with different makeup styles as our society is still working out what we want as life begins to get back to normal. You might notice the new colorful eye looks when you scroll down your feed on Instagram. It’s trending everywhere and celebrities can’t seem to get enough of it. Bright eyeshadow with nude lips; it couldn’t get any better.


Dolphin Skin – The Latest Beauty and Skincare Trend of 2021

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Glowy and fresh-looking skin will always make you look trendy!

As interesting as it sounds, we barely knew what this beauty trend was all about until we came across it. Celebrities like Hailey Bieber are loving the new “Dolphin Skin”! Dolphin Skin is basically a newer version of the good old dewy and no-makeup makeup look. Dewy skin as a popular look has been on the rise and it’s no different in 2021. That reflective, slightly moist look is popular because it mimics the healthy oils we had in abundance when we were in our teens.

But staying at home also means that most of us have stayed up late binge-watching TV and stressing about our lives – or lack of a life. Both stress, boredom and a lack of activity lead to dull skin. To bring back hydration to your appearance, Hydration Therapy is a great choice. You can naturally have a plump and youthful look without makeup or invasive procedures.


Bold Eyebrows

Say goodbye to boy brows or the bushy look of all the past years. It seems that everyone is enjoying the bold eyebrow look this season. We believe that bold eyebrow looks will be a hit in 2021, although, sorry Brook Shields, we don’t think things will go quite that far. You’ve probably had ample time at home last year to grow your eyebrows. Now is the time to style them a little and achieve a trending look easily. Eyebrows help to frame and uplift the face. You can also go for an arched eyebrow look which seems to be coming back this year as well. 


Faux Freckles

Can’t get enough of those trendy faux freckles? We can’t help but admire how freckles look so amazing on IG models. It’s no wonder why it’s still in trend and will only be growing more. Models and celebrities have amped up the look with rhinestones and pearls to accentuate this attractive natural feature.


Concealer – Minimal Look

Less is more. If the past year has taught us anything, it has to be that being minimal with our things and learning to appreciate what we have can lead to as much or more happiness than getting everything we want. Having tons of foundations that you never use is just an enormous waste. If you need to cover up dark circles instantly or hide the blemish of acne, grab some concealer that matches your skin tone and apply it to the spots with your finger or a brush. This trend is not only timesaving but also good for your skin. We all know that wearing full makeup every day clogs our pores and prevents our skin from breathing. The less makeup we use the better it is for our skin health.


To Conclude

Some of us enjoy adorning ourselves with the latest beauty and skincare trends that celebrities are showing off while some prefer to keep it simple. But this year we encourage all of you, whatever your makeup preference, to focus on inner health. Outer beauty will follow. It’s time to get outdoors, exercise, return to a healthy diet and consider some of our popular treatments to truly rejuvenate your skin and yourself.

Healthy skin not only looks beautiful but reflects a healthy you. Spend a day with us at Magnifaskin to wind down, pamper yourself, or find the perfect treatment for your skin problems. Call us today for a free consultation.

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