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Top 7 Beauty Treatments to Make You Feel Good

With the Christmas season behind us most of us are now facing the January blahs. And this year it’s a bleaker month for us than usual. We have come a long way since the first wave of COVID-19 in March 2020. Quarantine, loneliness, depression, and anxiety has gotten the best of many of us. It has been a wild journey for all so we propose it’s time for some conscious self-love.

The Relationship Between Self-care and Beauty Treatments to Make You Feel Good

We have an unending list of responsibilities that demand our attention and leave us with little to no time for ourselves. All of that can push us to the edge of burning out. It’s impossible to manage every priority task in your life when you feel drained out physically and mentally. Self-care is essential. Without it, we’re no good to ourselves or the people in our lives who rely on us.

When we constantly push ourselves to ‘be there for others’, and strive to meet all of our commitments, we put ourselves last. This is OK for a while, but after a time we start to believe we don’t deserve care too. This only increases our stress. So unless you’re married to ‘Mr. Wonderful’, who’s going to set that time aside for you, if not you? Making time for self-care needs to be a priority too. 

We have curated a list of some of the most relaxing and rewarding beauty treatments to treat yourself to and put you into a new frame of mind.

Beauty treatments to make you feel good - light therapy

Red light and Blue light therapy have recently gained popularity. It helps to promote cell regeneration and reduce signs of aging.

1. Blue and Red Light Therapy – a Revolutionary Beauty Treatment

The lack of sunlight affects us both mentally and physically. The vitamin D it produces is not only essential for our immune system, but many of us suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder, or SAD. The acronym is appropriate – a pervading feeling of sadness that is caused by short, gray days. But you don’t have to wait for the summer to enjoy the benefits of sunlight. Light therapy is equivalent to sunlight, minus the side effects of ultraviolet rays. Light therapy can heal your skin as the invisible wavelengths penetrate deep into the lower layers. At Magnifaskin we offer both blue and red light therapy. Light therapy heals inflamed skin, breakouts, acne scars, and promote clears and youthful-looking skin. 

Interestingly, if you’re feeling blue, give the blue light therapy a try to enhance your mood. Research shows that our bodies react to the wavelength of blue light similar to sunlight. Red light therapy encourages healing, cell regeneration, reduction of signs of aging, and flawless skin. It also helps to boost your mood. Blue and red light treatment are pain-free, safe, and the perfect replacement for sunlight. All the benefits without the damage of ultraviolet rays.

2. Hydration Therapy (IV Vitamin)

Dull skin, premature signs of aging and fatigue all indicate that your body is dehydrated. To put it another way, hydration is a key factor that contributes to your overall wellbeing. If you feel low most of the time, it could be due to a lack of proper hydration and nutrition in your body. Cell hydration plays a key role in your mental and physical health. In addition, without the proper balance of vitamins and nutrients, you will soon experience fatigue, signs of aging, loss of concentration, weakened immunity, and other health issues. 

IV vitamin therapy is a powerhouse of all essential vitamins, minerals, and nutrients for your body that a regular diet may not provide. Hydration and IV Vitamin therapy can boost your mood, and your health, from the inside-out.

7 feel-good beauty treatments for Acne

Acne and pimples are common skin problems. Effective acne treatment can prevent acne recurrence and regulate sebum.

3. Acne Treatment

Stress and depression can not only cause acne but the extreme pressure many of us have been under this past year will likely have worsened the issue. Even if the acne goes away, the stubborn acne scars can take a very long time to fade. This results in a vicious cycle of feeling depressed and anxious, suffering breakouts, and then feeling even worse due to our appearance. It’s impossible to feel good about ourselves when we fear looking in the mirror. 

NeoClear is a laser-based technology that directly targets acne breakouts and scars. Even patients who have left no stone unturned to get rid of acne achieved remarkable results through NeoClear. The technology not only clears up your congested skin but also tightens your pores that aid in regulating sebum production through the sebaceous gland. Your skin will feel more elastic, youthful, and much smoother than before.

And, when you can look in the mirror and see a face that looks healthier, you’ll feel healthier – both physically and mentally.

4. Beauty Facials 

When in doubt, pamper yourself with a facial! A home facial can help but you’re still doing all the work. Plus home facials are formulated more for safety than effectiveness. That’s not a bad thing. It takes a professional to know what treatments will work best for your skin and it’s better to be safe. But a professional facial from Magnifaskin will not only be tailored to your skin, but you can lie back and relax while one of our technicians spoils you.

At MagnifaSkin, we provide a wide range of facial treatments that offer excellent skin benefits and instant results. We analyze your skin type, specific skin issues, allergies, and many other factors through counseling and suggest a customized facial that will work for your skin. We do facials for men too, and yes, gentlemen, one-size-fits-all treatments won’t work well for you either. From anti-aging to deep hydration, you will have lots of facials to choose from to pamper your skin. Facials are especially good for those on a tight budget. If the lockdowns have affected your income, you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how affordable our facials are.

5. Laser Skin Rejuvenation

A little makeup can conceal minor flaws and boost your mood, but when the makeup comes off you still have to face yourself in the mirror. If you’re looking for a treatment that will truly rejuvenate your skin then laser skin rejuvenation is the answer.

The abundant protein in our body, known as collagen, plays an important role in regulating the cell turnover process of the skin. This determines the skin’s bounciness, strength, and rate of dead skin cell replacement. 

As the name suggests, non-ablative laser skin treatment targets the lower layers of your skin while leaving the surface untouched. Laser skin rejuvenation stimulates your own cells to produce more collagen and elastin, actually turning the clock back on your skin. The remaining months of winter may be gray and dull, but your skin won’t be!


Almost all women have unwanted hair on their face and body parts. Laser treatment is a permanent solution.

6. Laser Hair Removal

We all struggle with unwanted hair on our bodies. If regular hair removal methods are taking a toll on you, or you are seeking permanent hair-free skin, then consider Laser Hair Removal. While it’s hard to believe some days, the warmer months are not far off. Now is the time to start permanent hair removal treatments to get your body ready for summer.

Freedom from shaving, waxing and bleaching – forever!

Almost all women have some unwanted hair. MagnifaSkin’s Aerolase Lightpod Neo Laser works effectively to remove unwanted hair permanently in almost all parts of your body except around the eyes. 

7. Vitamin Therapy – an Essential Beauty Treatment to Make You Feel Good

The cold weather brings along seasonal flu, common cold, and upper respiratory infections. During the crucial time of the pandemic, our bodies need more immunity and strength to fight off diseases.  Studies have shown that Vitamin D is essential in reducing our risk of infection, but most of us who live in the northern latitudes are short of Vitamin D, as our body produces it in response to exposure to sunlight. We get it from our diet too, but many of us don’t eat enough of the right kinds of foods and are thus deficient in Vitamin D.

Of course there’s a long list of other vitamins and nutrients we need for proper health as well. The lack of proper vitamins can often lead to depression, fatigue, loss of concentration, and deteriorating health. In fact, you might be surprised to find that one of the most common causes of chronic depression is poor diet and lack of exercise. 

You’ve likely heard of glutathione and B12. Glutathione is a powerful anti-oxidant and slows the aging process of your body, improves immunity, and treats certain liver diseases. While B12 injections increase energy levels, improve overall mood, and helps you focus better. You’ll feel more energetic, be healthier, and boost your mood.

For extensive information on all of our Vitamin Therapies, visit our sister site at

A Sad Fact

It’s a very sad fact that the lockdowns have caused a sharp increase in suicides, overdoses, substance abuse, relationship breakups and domestic violence. We don’t like bringing such dark subjects up, but we feel we must. Many of us right now are not only fighting depression, but the isolation may be leading you to think that you are weak, or that something is wrong with you as the lack of communication and personal contact with others can lead you to conclude, quite incorrectly, that you’re the only one who is struggling to keep your head above water. So let us say it again – you are not alone.

Take time for yourself. Pamper yourself from time to time. If we can help with that, we’d love to hear from you and treat you to not only a professional beauty treatment but also a friendly and welcoming visit.

Magnifaskin isn’t just a beauty spa. We really do care about your health – both physical and mental. If we can give you a boost, then we look forward to seeing you. If you are suffering from severe depression we urge you to seek professional help as soon as possible. The lockdowns won’t last forever. Hope is on the horizon. Take care of yourself.

With love from all of us at Magnifaskin.

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